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saint naum monastery and galicika national park

Saint Naum is a Byzantine monastery, situated by the Ohrid lake in Republic of Macedonia. Built in X century by Saint Naum (who is buried in the monastery), it is one of exeptionnels sites which offers us the Republic of Macedonia. An architectural, historic and religious heritage ... A must visit.

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Meteores : amazing natural and cultural site

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tortue protection ecologie voyage

You love nature, hiking,
mountain biking ...
Come to discover the shades of warm colors, covering the mountains. Reconnect to Mother Earth, enjoy the serenity of the landscape,
the quiet village life, Taste the flavors of rural cuisine.
Take a breath of fresh air and recharge the batteries! !


Local fruits 

Easter fasting

Cuisine grecque
Before Easter, a 40 days fasting period (called Great Lent) precedes the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Orthodox refrain from eating products of animal origin (seafood are allowed), oil, and drinking wine. To mark also this moment of spiritual renewal, the rhythm of life changes (for the most practicing): fewer outings, less activities (professional, leisure ...); Calling the souls to refocus on the essential and leave out the superficial, at least for a time.

citrus fruits

cyclades grece voyage ecotourisme

The sun, very generous in Greece, allows the cultivation of citrus fruits throughout the territory. Trees with very bright green leaves produce very fragrant flowers (especially orange trees) in the spring and in the autumn, fruits with the color of the sun. As of October, the harvest begins for mandarins, lemons, then a little later, oranges, grapefruits.

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Who are the Pontian Greeks ?

peuple grec election europe crise

" The presence of Greeks at the Euxeinos Pontos, the Black Sea, dates back to early times. Research suggests that in the period around 1000 BC first trading adventures in this area took place, searching mainly for gold and minerals. The trip of Jason and the Argonauts to Kolchis, the adventures of Ulysses in the country of the Cimmerians, the punishment of Prometheus by Zeus and the arresting of his body to the mountains of Caucasus, the sailing of Hercules on the Black Sea and other Greek myths related to this area, testify the existence of ancient trading routes.
In the 8th century BC, the only occasionally occupied trading posts began to develop into permanent settlements. The town of Miletus was the first to start its colonization politics at the Black Sea by founding its daughter-city Sinope that proved to have great advantages with its useful harbor and its accessibility towards the hinterland. In a similar pattern numerous cities with large populations emerged in the course of time, strong centers with important sea trade and strong cultural influence..."
By Dr. Konstantinos Fotiadis

19 May is the commemoration day of  

the genocide of the Pontian Greeks 

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accessible accommodations

For everyone, finding the ideal accommodation where to spend holidays is a source of much questioning (it must be suitable for all members of the family) and research (rent abroad can prove to be a real adventure). The quality of accommodation depends on its location, the style of accommodation (size, layout, decoration ...) and related services (reception, hygiene). It is the biggest budget of the holidays and it is often this who determines the success of the stay. Indeed, a hotel room, an apartment or a house, must be a comfortable, functional place, where the travelers rest.
For people with reduced mobility, the often forgotten factor is the location of the rental. Because a room or an apartment equipped especially for their needs can be disappointing if the environment is not suitable. What's the point of renting a flat if you want to go down to the beach, you have to go down a lot of stairs or if you want to eat in the small restaurant of the area, you have to climb a highway? This is why it is necessary, even imperative, to choose accommodation according to its interior but also according to its external situation, in order to make the most of the place visited and ensure a pleasant stay.

Cyclades islands for the better or the worst

cyclades grece voyage ecotourisme

Must destination in the 80s, the most famous archipelago of Greece will show you different faces according to the time of the year you visit it. Drowned by mass tourism in the months of July-August, with the journeys in the boats full to bursting and the small ports overcrowded; When nature awakens and flourishes, the flowers offering colors in contrast with the white houses in spring; Calm and somewhat austere life in winter, the inhabitants living almost in autarky far from the continent; Or better at the end of the summer, in the fall, where the calm returns after the summer  crowd, the sea is still warm, the sandy beaches and streets quiet for to lucky travelers.

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cool summer holidays 

nature grece voyage vacance eco

Summer holidays in  South of Europe, do not rhyme systematically with crowd
and heat wave.
Cool, peace and serenity can be there, even in the middle of August.
Just need to find the secret places, the unknown paths...

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september ? one of the best month to travel !

Politique en Grèce

The weather, in this region of Europe, is particular:
Often very warm, even scorching, in summer ( July and August), very cold in winter (in the mountainous regions, the winter in South Greece, very mild). With May and June, September is one of better months to travel in Greece and Republic of Macedonia. Warm but pleasant temperatures
allowing to visit,
to make sports activities,
to swim... Also:
Tranquillity is assured, groups of tourists travelling with the TO make rare. Places of interest find all their charm.

Osogovo monastery

Religions des Balkans

In this image the frescoes representing the apocalypse ...
This Orthodox monastery was founded by the hermit Saint Joachim in the 12th century. Like most monasteries, it is composed of several churches, places of life and workshops. Open to the public, the visitor will be amazed by the frescoes of the buildings but also by the wild and peaceful surroundings of the place.

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Orthox religion is a part of greek identity

santorin vacances alternatives

Greece is not a secular republic: the clergy and the state are not separeted. The domes of the churches dot the landscape and religious festivals set the rhythm of the year. 98% of the Greeks declared themselves orthodox, assuring the cultural unity of the country and allowing them to maintain confidence in the future, since above people, God decides. This link to the Divine enabled them to relativize on the consequences of the economic crisis: the Greeks know that the essential thing in life is not to accumulate material goods (even if some of them have gone astray in the Bling bling). Strong family ties have tightened, people have returned to a simpler life and more human values, such as solidarity.Travel ideas

the greek komboloï

The Greek komboloï is the only rosary which is used for another reason than that religious. Sepha of the Muslims, the Mala of the Indian Buddhists - translation of these two words is " object of prayer ", the rosary of the Catholics, the komboskini of the orthodox monks (made by knots of fabrics braided), had and always have the purpose to remind to the People the prayers which they have to send to God. Today in Greece, the komboloï is the companion of a whole life, the object which shares all the moments
 of happiness, sadness … The komboloï is for all the men a friend: he accompanies his owner in all the moments, the events of the existence. Hidden at the bottom of a pocket, but mostly in the hand; this rosary - among not defined bead, but always odd - by its presence calms, relaxs, reassures or distracts.

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when Architecture tells us a story

We all have the image of white houses on the Cyclades islands, in Greece. Of cubic shape, with a roof bring down, walls painted in the lime, the blue shutters...
This architecture is appropriate for this region,
which, crushed by sun in summer, and having winters quiet hot, does not need a sloping roof. Each region has its own style of architecture, which corresponds to the needs of the inhabitants, but also which tells the past:
The invaders, the migrants, the political systems (ah the warm and creative style of the communist strutures!). And as every country has several regions... It is sometimes enough to raise the nose on a balcony during a walk, to have a whole piece of history opening in front of us.

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democracy was born in Greece...

démocratie athènes grèce acropole

"If anyone rises up against the people to set up tyranny or help settle tyranny, or try to harm the people and democracy of the Athenians, so be honoring the one who will kill the one who has undertaken one of those crimes. That no member of the Aéropage state, if democracy is destroyed, be permitted to climb on the airplane, participate in a meeting, or make a decision on any matter, and It produces something similar, that he and his descendants are deprived of their political rights, that his fortune be restored to the people, and that one-tenth of his fortune be given to the Gods. "
336 BC

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ancient healing

Philosophie grecque
"Our body has the ability to self-heal. Extremely important are:
- food
- physical exercise
- the environment
- the lifestyle
- the way of thinking "

Hippocrate de Kos
(460- 370 before C)

traveling with friends ?

location chambre pension chez l'habitant

Are you a group of friends, or just 2 girlfriends who go on holiday together?
Do you get along well and can share a room to reduce the cost of your stay? Here is an example of what I can find for you: Spacious room, in a small cosy hotel, on the edge of a national park, ideal point of fall for a relax or/and outdoors stay.
Twin room (2 beds) from 30 € per night, for 2 people, breakfast included.

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macédoine culture monument iliden

The monument to the Ilinden insurrection
(Formerly known as Makedonium) is a monument located in Krouchevo, Republic of Macedonia. It was inaugurated on 2 August 1974 on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the first ASNOM session and the seventy-first anniversary of the beginning of the Ilinden Insurrection. The monument was designed by Jordan and Iskra Grabulovski. It celebrates the Macedonian nationalist struggle and the eternal desire of the Macedonian people for freedom and an independent state.

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ornithologie sejour thème vacance active

The South of Bakans, thanks to its wild landscape, same part protected, others classified in parks, offers to numerous sorts of birds a haven of peace, where they can stay and nest. We can observe them of course, while keeping our distances not to disturb them. The visits are made in small groups and not in troops of tourists, transported with smoky pullman. Don't forget that those ecosystems remain fragile.

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flore balkan découverte ecologie

Spring: the ideal season to enjoy the nature that wakes up. During a walk or a hike, you can observe the flora in natural landscapes. You reconnect with nature and recharge the batteries.

Happiness is in simple things

crète plage ecotourisme détente

As in everyday life, during the holidays, happiness often hides in simple things. A beautiful view, a warm sea, a warm welcoming, a meal based on fresh local products, visit a site at its own pace, a sunset, a few words and the smile of the locals ... All these treasures are accessible to small bugdets, so pack your bag even if you are not a millionaire.

another way to travel...

tortue protection ecologie voyage

Why traveling direct with the locals, and be actors of responsible tourism ? 

 Equitable distribution of the resources generated by your trip (maintaining economic activity even in the smallest villages) 

 Respect for natural, cultural and social environment ( environment as local economy have been destroyed by mass tourism).
For you:  An unique moment away from mass tourism and its clichés, an authentic experience with Men and Women who work for their families, their country  Good prices  Hight quality services : small hotel units are run with love AND professionnalism by the families in charge

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palamidi's fortress

nafplio argolide site antique grece

This citadel overhangs one of the most beautiful city of Greece. 857 steps to reach it (or by the road for the least brave) and take advantage of the view: plain of citrus fruits and olive trees, bay of the saronic gulf, mountains of the Peloponnese and in its foot, the ancient city of Nafplio, with its Venetian architecture building and its "dolce vita" atmosphere.

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